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Food Pantry

Our Goal is to reach food insecure individuals and families of Western Loudoun and serve them in a loving, compassionate and efficient manner.

“I do not want to send them away hungry...”

— Matthew 15:3

Stacks of donated food


Loudoun County is one of the wealthiest in the nation. Yet, food insecurity exists in our neighborhoods.  No one food pantry can possibly meet the full dietary needs of every family member it serves; however, together we can help to reduce the insecurity.   Our food pantry is stocked through the generous donations of the Round Hill UMC congregation, food drives conducted in local schools and by Scout troops, donations of goods from Tree of Life and Loudoun Hunger Relief.  In 2020, nearly 19,000 pounds of were distributed. In the first 6 months of 2021, we distributed 9,800 pounds of food.

How you can help

There is a job for everyone in the Round Hill UMC Food Pantry!  


Cash donations and grocery gift cards are always welcome.  These allow us to focus our purchasing power on the items we know to be in the most demand and lowest in our pantry inventory. 

Your Time

We shop, plan, stock shelves, drive to various locations in Western Loudoun to pick up donations, organize food drives, staff food distribution days, perform a variety of duties related to food maintenance and safety within our facility.  The list of jobs is endless, and so are the ways you can help!  We appreciate any amount of time you can invest. 

Contact for more information.

Girl standing in front of food orders from food pantry

You can drop off your non-perishable donations in the large gray box outside the Food Pantry

Our Most Requested Items

  1. Breakfast items (pancake mix, Nutrigrain bars, whole grain cereal)

  2. Canned fruit packed in water

  3. Rice - 1 lb bags preferred, brown or white rice

  4. Jelly - grape, strawberry

  5. Canned meat - packed in water tuna, chicken, or salmon

  6. Pasta - spaghetti, boxed pasta

  7. Tomato products - paste, diced, stewed, whole, sauce,

  8. Canned meals - Chef Boyardee  - ravioli, spaghettiOs, and spaghetti with meatballs

  9. Fruit juice (64 oz.)

  10. Canola or vegetable oil (64 oz.)

Food Drives

Several times a year we do a targeted food drive within our congregation, or through local Scout Troops or schools for non-food items that are in high demand by our patrons, such as toothpaste, liquid laundry detergent, shampoo or body wash  We welcome your personal or corporate support of these targeted drives.

Occasionally, we may become aware for one-time special needs not typically stocked in a food pantry.   We request and accept these items when we know we can fill a need.  Unfortunately, our limited storage space does not afford us the opportunity to stock-pile these things.

Non perishable food pantry donations

Spread the Word

We believe that we all can be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ by being aware of needs within our communities and connecting people to those who might help. Talk about our food pantry.   The person behind you in line at Giant may not need our services but may know someone who does. Talk about us at work, at church, at school so people in the community might come to us for service OR come to us to help through their donations and volunteer hours.

Donations to Round Hill UMC Food Pantry are tax deductible.

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